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EduGrader is an intuitive gradebook for recording assignment grades, test scores, student performance as well as attendance. This app is designed for teachers by teachers supporting all classroom environments, from preschool all the way to college.

All your grading data is backed up on iCloud, allowing you to sync all your data seamlessly between devices. The data remains solely in your hands.

Stellar Horizon
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The year is 2325 AD, a future where space travel is common. As humanity began to colonize the stars, mankind finally discovered the answer to the question are were alone in the universe. Currently, only one route has been found that connects us to the Auralyians, aliens we have been at war with for over century. You are tasked with exploring uncharted solar systems searching for hidden paths into Auralyian space. We pray that there is not one to be discovered.

Stellar horizon is a 6 degrees of freedom hard science space sim featuring:

  • A tech tree with over 200+ real technologies.
  • Research quality simulation of our galaxy to explore.
  • Effects of relativistic space travel such as time dilation.