When will Stellar Horizon be available for purchase?
Currently the release date is to be determined.
How much will the game cost?
The game will cost $19.99 USD.
How big is the game?
The game is currently 1.03 GB. The size is expected to increase as more assets are added.
What languages are available for the game?
English is currently the only officially supported language. However we eventually want to support French, Spanish, German and Russian languages.
Will the game allow mods?
Yes. The current game is built using a combination of C++ and Lua. The C++ game engine runs the core components while Lua is used to configure everything from interface to AI.

Since Lua is used for nearly everything, it is very easy to modify the game. However, built in mod support will not be present in the initial release.

Is the game multiplayer? Will it ever have multiplayer?
Currently no.One of the issues with adding multiplayer to Stellar Horizon is that a major game mechanic is the passage of time caused by traveling at near light speed. Since there is no “good” way to sync time between players it makes no sense to have multiplayer in either co-operative or shared universe form.

After Stellar Horizon is release, multiplayer might be added in some reduced form. Although presently all efforts will be focused on single player experience.

Can I beta test the game?
Since the game is still not yet feature complete at this time we are not looking for beta testers for the game. Once the bulk of the features are present we will begin to look for beta testers.